Love Hurts

When you walked down into my life,
Things were steady as it seemed from outside,
I was trembled and shattered within,
Love and affection was long ago thrown out in a bin…
I wasn’t expecting knight in armor,
Until you decided you had to be my author,
You entered my life and rewrote my tale,
I stood by you and saw me fail,
With no belief in love and life,
I walked along stood by your side,
Slowly & steadily you brought me hope,
The bruises I thought I had never cope,
Was now vanishing and I was rejoicing,
Until one day you decide I wasn’t enticing,
And so began the madness again,
The promises of happiness all went in vain,
I never understood if you really loved me ever,
Coz since that I had been in pain…& since that day I have been in pain


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