Nature: Fallen Leaves Tree


I am not dead yet, I am not withered….Life still dwells in me, I am not yet smothered.
Leaves & Flowers, you see on me, may have been accessory.. but nothing can fade my eternal glory…
I can never be deemed ugly no matter if I sound rude…Take everything you want & I still stand beautifully nude.


4 thoughts on “Nature: Fallen Leaves Tree

  1. Very nice!
    I really think that if seen at the right moment, leafless trees have a stark, amazing beauty that is unique – like a desert almost. Lifeless yet still awe inspiring.

    Found you via your indiblogger post and glad I stopped in, there’s some nice photography here!
    Only advice? Post regularly, or at least often enough, it’s always been my curse on my blog that I tend to vanish now and again. 😀



    1. Hi Spider42,

      Thanks for your comment, Really appreciate you stopping by on my blog. Your wish my command 🙂 I will be posting more often & hopefully right mix of both photography and my other interest writing..



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